Stories of Shift: Gifts from the Unexpected

Every situation can be converted into an awakening moment with a shift in your perception. To give you clarity on what I mean by “shift in your perception”, in the followings paragraphs I’ve provided one of my personal awakening moments. Take notice how a shift in my perception converted a deceptive perception experience into a positive life altering moment.

Awakening through Disorder

As I laid in the hospital bed, feelings of uncertainty and frustration plagued my mind as I knew life for me was about to change. I observed, through the hospital window, the wind forcing the leaves to applause to a performance they wish they were not a part of; standing still and transforming the sun’s rays into hypnotic colors is their performance of choice.

Like the leaves, my life has been forced into a performance that was not my choice. “Your diagnosis is Multiple Sclerosis” are the lyrics to my doctor’s song. “Everything will be fine, there have been tremendous breakthroughs in medicine towards finding a cure,” my doctor chants as he lures me to dance to his melodic composition. I was emotionally paralyzed, for I received the lyrics as a death sentence. My perception could not formulate life beyond the doctor’s words.

Suicidal thoughts paraded in my mind as visions of hopelessness filled my day. I shouted to the heavens, “What tremendous wrong have I done to be tormented with such an unwanted burden!?” I made my life chaotic to avoid the inevitable pain. Work, school and home was the routine façade I presented to the world, while slowly dying inside.

I fought against the whispers of my soul “Be strong girl, be strong” it chanted, but my focus was on life’s unfairness. In the stillness of my darkest moment, when temporary paralysis leveled my façade, I felt my spirit take control. It revealed to me the hidden diamond lodged within my despair. My conscious eye was open and I saw the brightness of my life. When I made the “shift in my perception.” I finally silenced the chaos.

The disorder stripped away my mobility, income and some friends, but the stripping cannot be compared to what was added. Once I deleted what I perceived to be real, what was real became apparent. My conscious perception formed a mental shift from selfishness to selflessness, which shaped my actions for a greater demonstration of compassion, generosity and love. Forced into a state of total dependence on others afforded me the ability to comprehend the dynamics between those who give and those who receive. I’ve learned to recognize the symbolic learning system and I allow it to revolutionize my way of thinking and viewing the world and its inhabitants. I continue to marvel at the amazing metamorphosis that has taken place in my consciousness due to the invasion of Multiple Sclerosis. Embedded within, this so-called debilitating disorder, laid an awakening. This awakening taught me the precious movement of life. I never imagined that the disorder I once perceived as my demise would propel me into a higher level of consciousness, a consciousness that has awakened me to the incredible beauty of life.

All of life’s growing pains can be transform into new life once you view the pains for what they really are, which are essential features in your life that have the capability to connect you with your divine self. Start adjusting the way you perceive these so-called negative events IMG_0836 (1)by first removing the horror show you direct in your mind about the event. Then allow the true you, the divine you to formulate the perfect perception of your role and how you are to perform in the situation. The conscious perception of self is knowing in every moment that you are empowered to live! And live you shall from a complete understanding of life’s symphony!

~Coach Michelle Brown

About Michelle:

Founder and CEO of Life Is. “Life Is” is an online Life Coaching Solution to Life Crisis and Personal Development. Michelle is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist and holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology.

See Michelle’s website.

Go ahead and give her some love on her Facebook page.

See the interview I had with her about her shift.



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