Driven? You have probably experienced this

<![CDATA[Let's hear it for all the 'driven' people out there. There's few things more attractive that people who are passionate about what they do and go out and achieve big, lofty goals. We're an awesome bunch striving to change the world for the better.

Driven people can get things done – amazing-dream-inspiring things

Passionately-driven people have the most innovative and determined minds.
There is no problem that cannot be figured out. New perspectives and thinking outside the box are daily desires of these types.
They can picture something and see it getting done.
Another awesome quality is their planning and follow-through. They see the problem, figure out the solution and then map the two together like a symphony.
They are willing to do the work to see it through.
That’s right we stay inspired until the end – well most of the time – unless we allow our biggest enemy overtake us…

Biggest downfall: too many awesome ideas

The brain-freeze of the driven is that we have too many ideas. We get ideas in our sleep, in the shower, washing the dishes, driving, reading, watching tv, and on and on. Our biggest threat to achieving our big, lofty dreams is having so many of them, we don’t actually start any of them.

The difference between the dreamers and the driven is action.

At some point, if you are driven you tire of your analysis-paralysis and you have to get something started, move something forward or just jump into this new passion without knowing where it will go. Goals are just dreams until you show up and put the work in.

The Driven are design to act, but first they have to choose.

What do you want to do? (The hardest question of my life.)
When you’re driven the list of what we don’t want to do may be smaller than the list we’ve already planned. In order to achieve great things, we have to prioritize our choices. We can choose how many things we want to do by the amount of time we want to spend on each one. If we want to become really good at something, chances are doing 100 things for 30 minutes each week, is probably not going to create a master of anything. If we focus on just a couple of things we want to do now, we’ll probably get more expertise in each of those. We can always choose something different later.

How do I figure out where to start?

If you’re driven like me, clarity is the key. I usually use a blank piece of paper and I just start mind-mapping things.

  1. I write down all the ideas I am thinking about.
  2. I link the ones together that are close or could be related.
  3. I look at the overall feeling of all the ideas and what it is I am truly desiring to do out of all of the ideas. What do I want to feel, what types of things do I really like doing?
  4. Are there smaller steps that I could test out first or talk to people who might have clearer insight about similar things before I plan out all the details or get too far ahead of myself?
  5. Then I just sit with myself and listen to my inner voice and ask the question I usually most need to hear. What am I frexcited about? (Frexcited = freaking scary and crazy exciting)

That usually helps me get to the thing I REALLY want to do, but have fear about doing. For me, frexcitement is a mix of passionate excitement with adrenaline sparked by listening to my true north, spirit, inner voice, universe or whatever you call it. It’s what I want at the core of who I am.
Whatever you do, make sure you start doing something. If the driven dream too long, they can forget how to be inspired. They can overthink it.
Trust your instincts and keep taking steps forward.
Stuck? I’ve got great exercises to find some clarity. Let’s chat and find you some ways to get moving.]]>

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