Expect Only Experience

and you won’t be disappointed.

Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.

-Randy Pausch

It is not up to us to create expectations but to follow our passion.

We want to picture the goal. We have a inner desire to be able to label success or failure. Our brains want to be able to label things so we design our path backwards from what we picture practically and logically.

Our job is the journey, not the goal.

Our job is to show up for the path every day, mind each step and allow the path to define the goal for you. When we force things to show up as we expect to see them, we miss most of the opportunities to enjoy the path and allow even better dreams to come along.

Sometimes, not defining the outcome allows it to be better than you could have designed it.

When we start out dreaming, we have a limited view of what we’re dreaming of. We’re dreaming from the outside. When we get into the work of accomplishing that dream, we may find ourselves taken by the flow of it, while realizing it’s no longer our dream. Sometimes we are called to walk one path, just to get to another we are supposed to take. It we expect to follow the first all the way to the end, we can miss all the other opportunities offered along the way.

Imagine people who have accomplished big things like winning a Nobel Prize. Chances are, most did not begin their studies expecting or even believing that they would receive such a reward. It was a path that came from following many other paths first – ones that felt like failures and ones that felt like success.

If we set such a high goal first, we would surely feel overwhelmed. The universe gives us our dreams in bits we can chew on in order to keep us focused.

Being able to see the outcome does not make it a loftier or even more achievable goal.

In fact, it usually limits the view of all that is being offered around us. It is a benefit that we can’t see what’s before us, it allows us to take in every drop of what’s all around now so we don’t forget to enjoy the path, not just the far-off goal.

So what would you do right now if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

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