Connect to Your Creativity

You don’t have to be artistic, just intentional.

Creativity is a great way to practice self-care. For so many of us who once loved to paint, draw, play music, dance, write stories or create in some form, these fun activities just don’t hold the same importance they once did. Yet they are even more important as we get older and take on more stress and responsibilities.

Creativity is Spiritual

Creativity gives our brains rest on the regular day to day. It gives a space to be creators in our lives which leads to spiritual connection – a space for your intuition or spirit to speak while you listen. It can be a type of meditation for me. When I am choosing colors or in the act of being creative, I rarely think about much else.

Creativity’s nemesis is perfection

You don’t have to create a Mona Lisa. Just slap the paint on the canvas and watch the magic unfold. The real beauty is in the actions of the creator – the writing down of the author’s inner voice, the passion in each note played, the perfect brush stroke magically unplanned. When we strive for perfection, we overthink it. We inject expectation which can drive us mad. That’s not the purpose. Forget about what you think it has to be and let it unfold organically.

Adult coloring books have become a big hit and you can find them anywhere. Personally, if I go for a coloring book, I go old style with the crayons and the Little Ponies or superheros. Otherwise, I like to doodle and color my doodles.

I also paint, dance, write and listen to music. It can be whatever makes you feel like a creator. Maybe you do woodworking or landscaping and that feels creative to you. There’s endless possibilities.

What is your creative outlet? How do you embrace it or push it off the to-do list? How does it make you feel when you do it? Why don’t you make time?


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  1. Sarah says:

    Excellent post, Christina.

    Oh gosh, I certainly remember perfectionism being my nemesis in both art college and at uni on my art degree (many a whitewashed canvas, I can tell you!) Now I let it flow and don’t judge myself which is invaluable for me to fulfill my creative needs. I do loads of things and love to add to my repertoire by learning new things too. I love Zentaning for a quick fix or designing and sewing/knitting clothes etc for a bigger project, playing Ukulele is also fun (among my MANY other creative activities)

    I love sharing creative activities in my coaching work as it helps to move the focus and open up possibilities that are often hidden by thoughts of things my clients should be doing. I agree with you, Christina, that we need to stop overthinking it and enjoy the process.

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    1. Christina S. says:

      Yes! Exactly! When we just do it for the love of it – it’s so much easier. I think no matter what kind of coach a person is, creativity is always key – thinking outside the box to resolve situations or just getting a client to be able to center themselves and focus. Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. Louise says:

    Amen to everything you say, Christina! Creativity is vital for well-being. I credit journalling with keeping me sane when I was suffering with (undiagnosed) PTSD. I often get the urge to draw, too, but so far haven’t given in to it.
    Have you ever tried zentangle?

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    1. Christina S. says:

      Yes! Someone taught me that a couple years ago. I create coloring pages for myself and the workbook I give out to clients now. I love a good doodle. Go draw. Right now Leave expectations behind and just see what unfolds! If you’re being called to do it, it’s important. You might have some genius inside dying to get out.

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