Feel Your Way Through

Since I  focus on shift and how we make change in our lives, I get questions like:

How do I shift my relationship?
How do I step into healthy changes?
How do I find my purpose?
My life is good, but I feel something ain’t right, what do I do?

I love to help and I love people that seek answers. It’s the only way to move forward in any journey.

Here’s the amazing part. The journey is the same regardless of your question. Listen to your body. Then, FEEL YOUR WAY THROUGH.

Whether you need more compassion, health, purpose or confidence, the answer is always the same. Listen and feel. Follow your intuition. You have natural instincts that will guide you. Let them lead without self-judgement.

Let’s talk about self-judgment

For a long time, I worked on my own shifts. I even had a coach to help me. Even though I would consider myself to be open-minded, what I found by working with a coach is that I had huge limiting beliefs and I was overly self-critical. The things I wanted most were outside what I believed I could do. Surely I wasn’t qualified enough, or had the right qualities or the right circumstances – or so I thought.

The truth is all the knowledge and experiences I had when I was younger were determining what I believed I could or could not do. If I wanted to do something I didn’t do before, I was going to have to step outside of the judgements and do it rather than thinking about how I couldn’t. Self-judgment keeps us locked into the life we already have. I had to challenge myself to let go of the judgment and just freaking do it. The worst that can happen is a learning experience.

Stop listening to the critic and listen to your spirit

How did I start doing all the awesome ideas I had rather than get swallowed up by fear and doubt? I listened to my spirit and my body. I listened to what my body needed, made it a priority no matter how ‘ridiculous’ my inner critic judged it to be. I followed my intuition even when I questioned it.

By letting go, I was breathing for the first time feeling completely frightened and wildly afire at once. I trust myself now because I listen and feel my way through. I honor myself, without judgement.

What do you need to let go of to listen closer to what your body and intution is trying to tell you? It doesn’t matter what your concern is – health, relationship, stress, work, time, or money. Your body has something to say about all of it. Contact me if you want to discuss better body-listening skills so you can get back to inviting shift.

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