Choose Awesome Every Day

I’ve made a lot of progress in shifting a lot of my mindsets and banishing limiting beliefs… yet they still show up. It’s a choice I can make (or not) every day.

For instance, today I got a response from an opportunity I emailed about. With only seeing the limited preview of about 30 characters, before I could even open the email, there was the familiar flood…

  • Well it’s understandable they wouldn’t want me…
  • Of course, they want someone who has a better presence
  • Should I have even asked? Do I look all ‘it’s about me’ now?


(Which was a ‘yes, we want you’ by the way)

The thing is shift isn’t magic.

It’s not just the a-ha, it’s the work behind implementing the a-ha – making different choices, doing different things and doing the work.

Shift is work. If it’s a message or a story that has been with you forever, knowing it isn’t true is truly only the beginning. Manifesting and shifting seem like magical words, but it takes training of the mind. It takes molding and crafting. It takes reminders and learning – sometimes over and over again.

Shift takes showing up and making the choice… indefinitely. This is why some people think change or shift is impossible. It’s not impossible, it just isn’t a magic eraser.

Shift takes looking into our deep dark places and joyously bringing into the light all the kick-ass things about you. It’s saying f*ck shame because you realize shame is only layers of lies blocking you from seeing your true worth.

So today, join me in embracing our own awesomeness. Let it be our default, but until then it’s our choice.

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