Finding What’s Sacred

We live in a world of the un-sacred. If you watch the news you’d be quickly convinced that everyone is out for themselves. We divide ourselves with religions and politics and forget that we are all much more alike than different. We forget that we all want a world that is safe and prosperous for all. We forget that our experiences collide and what brings me joy may bring you grief.

We come together by following what’s sacred.

It is not necessary that one believes in God, but it is important that one knows the sacred within himself.

Sacred defined as being reverently dedicated. We often understand this to be in relation to religion, but we don’t need religion to understand our core being – your soul, spirit, inner guide, inner light. At the center of who we are, we have fundamental truths we hold to, even if the humanness in us makes choices that collide with those beliefs from time to time. The core of our moral fiber always stays the same.

Finding the sacred is essential. It’s knowing where to point your sails and what you are willing (or not willing) to sacrifice to get there. It is the basis of our integrity and conviction. It’s found in the quiet moments when stillness and presence meet. It’s also found in the crowds of chanting protesters. It’s about holding true to what means the most in life, not just the moment.

The sacred is our true north. When we know who we are, decisions and actions have purpose and meaning. Our best choices in life fall in line with our true north. It’s usually obvious and often the hardest choice to make, but definitely the easiest to live with in the long run.

We need a sacred revolution. Not a religious movement which can divide, but a human movement to hold all life sacred. By honoring and modeling our sacredness, we create a community of people willing to stand up for the connection of all life as a whole. We breed a society of compassionate seekers. We bring cultures and people together to learn and share, rather than compare. Define your sacred and consciously uphold it – in your words and your actions.

We are connected to all other life on this planet. We breathe together and grow together as a planet. We need each other. That makes all life sacred. Let’s create space for that everywhere.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Louise says:

    I couldn’t agree more. We really are on the same wavelength!


  2. I tend to find my true north when I get into deep meditation and finally touch souls with my soul! It’s not often I can find that perfect inner peace, but when I do it’s sublime!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Christina S. says:

      Yes exactly! Thanks for sharing!


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