Is perfection killing your creativity?

When I was a little girl I was a dancer. Almost since I could walk, I was dancing. I loved music and it moved me deeply. I was excited to have lessons and my first tutu. I excelled so they put me in competition. I did well and was even competing in higher age groups, however the more awards I won, the less I really enjoyed dancing.

You might think it would be the opposite. The trophies were a marker of the moments of success. Yet, the more I won, the less I wanted to dance. By 11 I completely quit dancing.

You see when I started competing in the higher levels, everything had to be perfect. From the costume and make-up to each point of the toe. I felt like I was wrong more than I was right and everything seemed focused on the mistakes. Perfection sucked all the joy out of the rhythm and I gave up something I truly loved rather than hear the constant criticism.

How are we killing our creativity today?

I know I can let someone talk me out of my great ideas and let challenges bring my interest level down. Maybe you do too. So we give up those things that give us life and energy instead of doing them just for the fun. We allow outside forces to control our destiny and take away our joy.

We need to allow our creativity to be imperfect. We need to remember the joy and presence we feel when we do the things we love. We need to turn the music up and drown out the haters and the perfectionistas. When you find the thing that allows you to be 100% present, hang on to that and don’t let anything change it for you.

I don’t want to live without the feeling of dancing. I did it for many years. Now I dance in my kitchen, with my dog. We don’t care about fancy moves or perfect toes. We just enjoy the flow.

When in doubt, just show up and dance like no one’s watching.

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  1. Louise says:

    My post today is on joy. I might have to quote you 😉

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    1. Christina S. says:

      So sweet! Can’t wait to read it.


      1. Louise says:

        I rushed it in the end. I’ll be revisiting the topic (and probably editing the one I’ve written). I like what you have to say!

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  2. songsbybriar says:

    Ah I used to love to dance too …but then people around me got serious and competitive and I gave up. I can still dance like nobody’s watching (because nobody’s watching) again now though!

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    1. Christina S. says:

      Yes! Last night I watched a video with Oprah and a buddhist and he said that we lose the fun when it moves from verb to noun. For example, we dance because we love it, but once we say we’re going to be a dancer (For an occupation) it becomes work and something we have to do, not something we just do. It was a good way to explain it for me.

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  3. songsbybriar says:

    That’s really interesting. I love a good grammar-based explanation too!

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  4. I love the title and the image for this post. They invite me to scroll down and keep reading!

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