Stop and See Clearly

Sometimes we have to stop to get ahead.

I have a strong warrior. If you have a strong warrior, you can relate when I say blinders-on and full-steam is the only tempo we naturally know.

It’s a beautiful quality that keeps me fiercely motivated and laser beam focused. I get shit done. It’s one thing people around me comment on and know about me. It also creates a short tempered, closed-minded goal-getter. I get so focused, I don’t always know when I’ve gone off-track as we can do when we only look at the details and not the whole picture.

A good example is a friend of mine who recently divorced a man she said she knew she shouldn’t have married.

bride-1082239_1920So I asked her “Well, why’d you do it then?”

“I had the dress, the hall was rented and all the deposits were down. Plus what if I had cancelled and then realized I did want to marry him? He wouldn’t have forgiven or trusted me again. I was confused with the planning of the wedding and it felt chaotic. I thought it would just get better after we married.”

When we are deep in the belly of a moving current, it’s hard to say, “I think this is wrong.” It’s difficult to go against the momentum of the flow.

It’s difficult because we don’t want what we invested to be wasted, we don’t want to let people down, and we don’t want to not accomplish that thing – even if it doesn’t feel right. Most of the work is already done. We don’t want to think that it’s all been wasted or completely wrong. It is the ego

The truth is that nothing we do is wasted. All of our experiences add into our bucket of knowledge and strengths that we pull from in everyday life. What felt right yesterday brought you to the path you need now. It’s ok to stop and change course if it feels right. There are no mistakes, just experiences.

Sometimes stopping amidst chaos is the only time we find our true path.

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