Control What You Can

“Folks are usually as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

-Abraham Lincoln

I spent a lot of rough times in my 20s. Looking back, it was mostly because I tried to controlling the situations instead of myself. The truth is in any given circumstance, we can control only 2 things – our reactions and our attitude. We can’t control what other people do or say, or even how things will happen. There’s always unexpected plot turns Continue reading “Control What You Can”

Inviting Shift (Or A-has in Action)

As with everything in life, there is a cycle to shifting our perspective, habits, growth and experience. The a-ha is only the part of the cycle. It’s an important part, but true shift is the a-ha in action.

So let’s discuss the cycle of shift from the ‘before’ to the ‘after’.

Something Ain’t Right

New shift starts at a point I call ‘something ain’t right’. We notice that we feel more stressed than we want to, we are running into challenges, something feels off, you lack excitement in getting out of bed or some desire is not being met. It could be you have no clue what it is or you know and fell stuck. This is when we know shift is coming. Continue reading “Inviting Shift (Or A-has in Action)”

(Selfishly) Spread Love Everywhere

When I was in middle school, I had pen pals. People I’d never met that I would write letters to and we would share interests and major moments. There was something very special about sending and receiving those letters. I realize that was a different time and now it would be scary to offer that much information to a stranger, but it’s a favorite memory of mine because it reminds me that even I have a underlying need to have genuine connection with others. Continue reading “(Selfishly) Spread Love Everywhere”

Is perfection killing your creativity?

When I was a little girl I was a dancer. Almost since I could walk, I was dancing. I loved music and it moved me deeply. I was excited to have lessons and my first tutu. I excelled so they put me in competition. I did well and was even competing in higher age groups, however the more awards I won, the less I really enjoyed dancing.

You might think it would be the opposite. The trophies were a marker of the moments of success. Yet, the more I won, the less I wanted to dance. By 11 I completely quit dancing. Continue reading “Is perfection killing your creativity?”

We are creations, not discoveries

We create who we are, we don’t discover it. We are who we consciously (or unconsciously) choose to become.  Rediscovering implies that you are nostalgic or looking for something you once had.

I hate to be the one to break it to you if you are looking to relive some old times, but you ain’t ever getting whatever ‘it’ is back. You are different now, circumstances are Continue reading “We are creations, not discoveries”

Making ‘What If…” Work for You

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

-Mark Twain

Ever have an idea that lit you on fire, had you up at night taking notes, energized you, filled you with desire or made you want to share it with others? With notes in hand you begin a plan and suddenly it seems more complex and you need to know more before you start. As time goes on, your passion dwindles and your inspiration becomes more of a goal than a desire. You start asking yourself if you can and should do this.

So why is it so hard to get started? For me, it’s especially big projects that I struggle to start, like writing a book. It’s a huge undertaking  and investment of hundreds if not Continue reading “Making ‘What If…” Work for You”

Stop and See Clearly

Sometimes we have to stop to get ahead.

I have a strong warrior. If you have a strong warrior, you can relate when I say blinders-on and full-steam is the only tempo we naturally know.

It’s a beautiful quality that keeps me fiercely motivated and laser beam focused. I get shit done. It’s one thing people around me comment on and know about me. It also creates a short tempered, closed-minded goal-getter. I get so focused, Continue reading “Stop and See Clearly”

Find Your Wisdom

Find your wisdom by honoring your feelings and actually feeling them.

Whenever we choke down the feelings, ignore them, deny them or ‘suck it up’, we minimize their meaning and value. Sure it may be necessary to maintain composure, but they still need to be dealt with at some point. Otherwise, anger, shame, fear, sadness and even joy can get all jumbled up and of course show up at the most inopportune moments.

Our feelings are telling us something. If we try to not feel Continue reading “Find Your Wisdom”

Fear comes with risk

(Or it wouldn’t be so risky or desired.)

I call it frexcitement.

What is ‘frexcitement’?

It’s that feeling you get right before the adrenaline kicks in. That feeling when you know you are doing something big – the crazy mix of freaky scary and crazy excitement rolling around your gut. So if you want to dream big but your fear is stopping you, know two things:

1. Fear is normal. It’s the safety voice Continue reading “Fear comes with risk”