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Inviting Stillness & Wisdom
Inviting Stillness & Wisdom
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Welcome to Inviting Shift

The Empowerment Place for Midlife Transformation, Confidence, and Authenticity!

Are you a midlife woman ready to embrace a new chapter of your life with unwavering confidence and unapologetic authenticity?

Inviting Shift began with a book about the stages of S.H.I.F.T. and how we can embrace transitions while being gentle with our humanness.

Midlife brings unique challenges and opportunities. Our mission is to help you make the second half of your life the best half with powerful tools, insights, and wisdom that will support and inspire you as you navigate this new transition.

Whether you're seeking to reignite your passion, redefine your purpose, strengthen your relationships, or simply embrace your true self, we've got you covered.

Tools for your midlife shift!

Get the mentoring AND the community you crave!

The Modern Midlife Mentorship was created to support the new midlife - the one that Gen X women are creating by tuning into their own wisdom, desires and purpose so they can make the second half, the best half. Some of what's included:

  • Visualizations to tap into your inner wisdom
  • Journaling questions for introspection
  • Access to teaching videos for continuous learning
  • Monthly check-ins and coaching sessions
  • Private group to connect with other women
  • Invitation to client-only retreats

Christina Smith


life coach

The Path to an Unapologetically Awesome Life...

Ever had those pesky voices in your head repeating, "Just be grateful!" or "You have it better than when you were growing up, so stop wanting more"? Talk about a major conflict generator! Suddenly, life loses its sparkle, anxiety takes over your thoughts, and your relationships become a battlefield. Who knew having everything you thought you needed could feel so uninspiring?

Well, guess what? I've been there too, my friend. In fact, I became a coach to tackle my own inner battles head-on. I knew deep down that there had to be a better way to see myself, my relationships, and the world. I craved more, aching to embrace my true potential while staying authentic and comfortable in my own skin. And guess what? I discovered some seriously powerful tools along the way—some duds, but also some keys that unlocked the hidden badass within me.

Now, I hold the keys to unlocking even more possibilities, without a hint of guilt, hustle, or forced gratitude. I'm here to help women who already have pretty good lives turn them into mind-blowingly amazing ones. We're talking about waking up earlier because you can't wait to dive headfirst into the day kind of amazing!

It's time for you to step into authentic confidence, stop tearing yourself down, and uncover the life that makes you feel absolutely freakin' awesome. Are you ready to take that leap? Let's chat, my friend. Together, we'll see if what I have in store for you is the perfect fit. Brace yourself—it's about to get seriously awesome!

More about me here.