Want a big a-ha? Invite Shift.

Shift is what happens when we find a new truth, experience  a new perception or recreate a piece of our story to serve our journey better. It’s enlightenment, rites of passage and self-discovery. Shift can be letting go of parental control, finding  financial freedom, analyzing our own truths or sitting with emotions to discover healing.

There’s a cycle of shift that is constantly at bay in us. It’s the desire for something more, a deeper sense of purpose and a calling for us to grow.

This is for the seeker of the shifts, the diver of internal gold and the craver of joy. Here you’ll find tools and stories of change to support your journey.

On Sale NowThe book is out!!

Want to learn how to invite shift and stay in the flow so transition doesn’t feel like a struggle? Get the Inviting Shift book filled with exercises, wisdom and questions to help you move forward. Learn more.

Blog: Inspire & be inspired

I hisblogave a ton of a-ha stories that people have inspired me with and looking forward to getting them all on the blog. The recorded sessions of the show will also be posted on the blog, but show up live if you want all the behind the scenes coaching and tips. Check in when you need a daily dose of wisdom from someone else, or guest post your own a-has by emailing me your story.

journalcoverLiving Your Best Life Journal

12 weeks of tracking with daily tips, quotes and weekly lessons in baby steps to better health. With the addition of some coloring pages and recipes, this journal will keep you focused on health, the easy way.

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Our Facebook group is where people share resources, experiences and knowledge. Get inspired, inspire someone else or connect with others on the same path. We learn from each other. Join us.


1-1 iscoachCoaching: Clarity & Focus

If you need some clarity or a nudge, this is the place to get it. Get one-on-one coaching time with me to clarify what you want and the path to get it. We’ll look at your real desires and how you can move past the challenges with mindset exercises, goal analysis and huge a-has that will benefit all areas of your life. The time to get want you want is now. Learn more.