Want to change your life? Invite Shift.

What is Inviting Shift?

Inviting: to attract, allure, entice, or tempt.

Shift: a Change or transfer from one place, position, direction, person, etc., to another

Shift, or change, is inevitable. We experience it every day. Whether we invite it in as a guest or treat it like an enemy is up to us. 

Inviting shift is about staying open and curious.

When we invite shift we release expectations and see the possibility of what may be instead of what isn’t turning out how we planned. We shift where we focus so that we can take full advantage of the gifts that are being given instead of the picture that isn’t turning out like we dreamed.

Why Invite Shift?

Because life is going to change anyway, you might as well master the cycle of change and invite them in. When we look at change and shift as the regular pattern, we adapt to it without the same amount of resistance and energy loss… and I am open to better opportunities.

Sometimes the Universe has better things planned for us that we could dream of and all we have to do is trust and stay open and inviting to the shift. If we embrace transformation, it embraces us. It can bring out more humanity, more compassion and more understanding — for yourself and others.

We invite you to empower your own journey and shift by embracing transformation and inviting shift.

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